What to bring? What not to bring?  Here’s a list of items that worked for me.

1.     Gum/mints or ginger chews to help with nausea and/or dry mouth.

2.     Protein bar or nuts (Sometimes I got very hungry during chemo especially if I was there for 4 hours, so plan accordingly.  I had friends who were there 8+ hours and that’s too long without food)!

3.     A special blanket (Mine was a very special blessed blanket and given to me by a dear friend whose husband had used it during his chemo and it’s continually being shared with other church members going through cancer treatment).

4.     A special prayer book or Bible reading

5.     Lip Balm

6.     My phone

7.     Word search or crossword puzzle book to keep my mind occupied (although I ended up talking with new friends or family who went with me the entire time)!!

8.     Hand Sanitizer

9.     Large water and Ice container (I suffered from horrible mouth sores and the ice helped).

10.  Money (Just in case you need food before, during or after).