Last Herceptin Infusion!

I wanted to share an exciting update …. TOMORROW IS MY LAST TREATMENT! ☺️ It’s been a exactly a year and a half since this nightmare began. Honestly, I have mixed emotions. I am so excited to be DONE but I’m not sure where I go from here. I’ve literally dedicated the past 18 months to getting through this. Recovering from my surgeries and chemo were actually easier than the emotional toll the treatment has taken on me and losing my hair has been devastating!

Anyone who thinks it’s only hair and it will grow back just doesn’t get it. Having breast cancer means losing EVERYTHING that you find feminine: your breasts, your hair, your eyelashes, your eyebrows, your nails are weak and brittle, your body looks different and then one day you can no longer recognize the person in the mirror. That is a very sad day. I cried many tears. I stayed inside for days and sometimes weeks when I was just too sad to go out in public.

Thanks to all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers I’ve been able to survive and slowly rebuild my body and my life again. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to continue. Many of you told me I was brave but really I felt so weak. I hope to put this behind me forever! I will keep you posted occasionally but I hope with only good news!

Please remember I am here for you if you ever need. Enjoy every day! Do something fun! Don’t wait to take that vacation! I love you all more than any words can describe!