It’s funny how different people react to hearing such scary news! Some want to talk about it but most don’t. I did want to talk about it but I also knew my friends who weren’t talking about it didn’t know what to say… and that’s understandable. I think some wanted me to forget about it for a while so they would not bring it up. Unfortunately, at that time, I could think of nothing else and acknowledging it would have helped. I heard from friends I haven’t talked to in over 20 years and that was such a joy! It really affected some people and I could see and hear the pain they felt because I was suffering, and that was very heartwarming!  

My advice would be to let the patient decide. It’s always nice to ask someone how they are doing and after a few follow-up questions you will know whether or not they want to continue the conversation.

I’m always here if anyone needs to talk!! XO