Those Dreaded Drains

After both of my surgeries I came home with two drains (I was lucky, some have four or more) sticking out of my body! Besides having two long tubes and drain pouches attached to you, you also have to “milk” the drains and log the amount of fluid that is draining. They have to slow down considerably to be removed. This is only my experience of course, but the drains were one of the worst parts for me! I was extremely uncomfortable, I could not shower until they were out (TWO WEEKS THE FIRST TIME, THAT’S A LONG, DISGUSTING TIME WITHOUT A SHOWER) and one was pushing on a nerve making it difficult to breathe! Not fun! I was also so afraid of how much it would hurt when they were removed, but really that part was not bad at all, more disturbing than painful. I did take sponge baths and had my husband help me “kind of shower” during those two weeks but you will never appreciate a shower like the one after the drains are removed! I’ll never take a shower for granted again!!!