How Could You Help? I wasn't sure!

When word started to get out on what was happening to me, many family and friends just wanted to help but didn’t know how. The problem was neither did I at the time!

Now looking back, I think it was most helpful when friends or family just did something instead of asking. For example like when my cousin dropped off dinner or when my friends made a Facebook page for me to deliver updates easily and quickly as well as ask for prayers. Or when my aunt and uncle dropped off frozen yogurt for dessert or someone sent a gift card in the mail. I remember when my uncle mailed me a check to help with medical bills and when my aunt bought me a silk robe so I could feel pretty after I shaved my head. I had a friend drop off a new soft towels and soaps to make my shower more special. All of these things were so kind and thoughtful and I did not have to ask for any of them.

I’ll always remember the friends of my girls who dropped off a card or went out of their way to ask how I was. It’s the little things like these I’ll never forget!