One of the positive things about having cancer is the new friends you make. Friends who know exactly what you are going though, friends who can laugh and cry with you. I met some wonderful women through a closed Facebook group and at my chemo facility. These women have truly been there for me. Can you believe I never sat through one treatment alone! A year of infusions and not one time alone! I’m thankful that these beautiful survivors will now be my pink sisters for life.

I remember walking into my first chemo and feeling very scared and alone. I looked into my mother’s and husband’s eyes and saw the pain they felt as we all sat there not knowing what to expect. I saw women with no hair and heard some talking and even laughing. Was that even possible? As the months went by I actually started to look forward to my treatment knowing I would see these new friends and share in their love and support.

It might not always be easy to see the positive during difficult times but making new friends like these might change your mind!

Special thank you to Kate, Weyman, Heather, Mary Ellen and Carrie! XXXXXOOOOO