First Update to Friends and Family

Thank you all for your love and prayers. For those who don't know, here's what is going on...

This past January I went in for a routine mammogram. They called me back for additional images and ordered a biopsy. It came back as DCIS (which is basically pre-cancer in a milk duct). No big deal, right? WRONG! After, another biopsy and two MRIs, my options were a lumpectomy or mastectomy. I chose the later for many reasons but mainly with the hope once this was over I could heal and get back to my life. My surgery was May 1, 2017.

One week post surgery the pathology report found actual invasive cancer (Stage 1) in another section of the removed breast tissue. This was a surprise as the doctors and I expected to find nothing. This was good news because had I only done the lumpectomy this cancer is still growing inside me unknown. The doctor expected I would be fine and done with treatment.

Three weeks post surgery and I’m feeling great! I’m walking an hour everyday. My reconstruction is going very well and my doctors are very pleased. Then…my oncologist called and tells me they found a protein (HER2+) in the new cancer that only about 20% of woman have. Unfortunately, HER2-positive breast cancers tend to grow and spread faster than other breast cancers. Suddenly, my oncologist tells me my treatment now will last a YEAR including three months of chemo! My heart fell to my stomach. My husband Dean, asked immediately, “what if she does nothing?” Here is what the doctor said.
1. Do nothing and in 10 years you have a 92% chance of survival.
2. Do the year treatment and you have a 95% chance of survival.

Our thoughts, WTF? Now what? All this for 3%??!!! The doctor recommends I do the treatment because this kind of cancer is so aggressive and there is no way to know if it has spread to other parts of my body even though it was removed during surgery.

Dean and I decided to get a second and third opinion. We are in the process of setting up those appointments now and honestly, I’m afraid of what they might say. I’m hoping and praying for some other options and guidance on what I should do or not do.

This past week has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. My hair! I feel GREAT! I can do this. I can’t do this! I’m working out, driving and even working a little bit. I don’t want to put poison inside me. Why take a healthy person and make them sick?! I’m sad, depressed and don’t think I can handle this. It’s only hair. I can try some wigs. My poor girls and husband. How much more can this family take?

I’m in the middle of reconstruction and will have another surgery in my near future. Chemo will delay this (which is very disappointing). Please continue to pray I make the right decisions and that me and my family can handle whatever my future holds.

I love you all very much!!